LegbaMost people either pedestrian or academic do not associate Africa or African peoples as having any kind of original organized spiritual tradition, philosophical thought, or religion; this is the intended result of racism.

Western academics have long suppressed African religious thought, and any other kind that does not support their world view.  A quick study of western scholarly letters will reveal that they will not recognize anything unless it is to their advantage.

The world has been exposed only to distorted fragments of African religious thought, such as Hollywood Voodoo, Zombies, Voodoo Dolls, and other nonsense.

The heart of African Spirituality is vast it has given birth to such traditions as IFa, vodun, Santeria, Candomblé, Witini, and Lucumi. These branches have as many adherents as anyone of the major world religions. African spirituality differs greatly from western religions and its obsession with categorization, linear thought, and absolute doctrine. Untainted African Spiritual does not devolve into the trap of original sin or supernatural messiahs. African Spirituality is inseparable from African people on the continent or in the diaspora.

African Spirituality has given us, Jazz, Samba, Gospel, Capoeira, Soul Food, Metu Neter, Rastafari, and countless other spiritual paths of liberation.

African Spirituality can be expressed in many ways. There is no founder, dogma, or central authority to tell practitioners what to believe. This results in s Kaleidoscope of colorful rituals and visual displays.

The practitioner can worship at shines, at home, sacred groves, are not at all. There are no artificial moral or ethical absolutes.

In African Spirituality there is no need for an outside agency to bring a freedom that the practitioner already possesses.

African Spiritual thought provides such freedom that the term religion can scarcely be used to define it.

Monotheism and Polytheism are very inaccurate descriptions when discussing Africa derived religions. All religions based on an African World view hold an androgynous non-dualistic ultimate truth/source such as Nana-Buluku that all things are apart at its foundation.

The expressions of this ultimate truth come in the form of the Godhead and forces that interact with the material existence.  Eternity is not seen as a line stretching off in time with calendar dates without validity, but as part of the here and now.

It involves the realms of the pre-born and that of the spirits of the ancestors. In it can be found reincarnation and communication with the divine. It encompasses the physical and the non-physical in both deepest parts outer space to the inner earth.

Africa more  than elsewhere have focused on the many ways of  bridging the mortal world and that of pure spirit.

Belief and faith are sometimes used as tools to reach a desired result, but are not necessarily required by all.

Anthropologists and historians often use the term “animist”  to refer to traditional African religions, suggesting that they are no more  than  the naïve  attribution of  intentions and motivations to natural  elements and events. These same trite remarks would not dare be leveled against Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Mormonism, or even Shinto today where parallel elements are clearly present. It is only the legacy of academic and social, racism and bigotry against the African that allows this ignorant prejudice to be tolerated in academic and social media.

Only through racism (white supremacy) and willful ignorance can the outsider attempt to claim a false moral high ground when examining African Spiritual Traditions. Traditions that are African and by virtue the oldest of mankind. Traditions that predate  pre-dynastic Eygpt to infuse the entire modern day world.