About Us

As Africans we are Humanity’s Royalty and representatives; and so must act in a mature and responsible way. Play time is over, its time to wake the people up.

It is time to give back silly people there silly books and stop playing silly roles that amount to nothing.

This game we have played has dragged on for far too long and has become stale.

No more belittling nick-names like Negro, sub-Saharan, and animist to support someone else’s fantasy.

Its time to right the world.

Yes there will be tantrums, threats, and lies, so what’s new?  What do you expect from children?

True Royalty is African Blood

The African Soul is Divinity

  • If it does not begin with Africans and Africa it is not the Whole Truth.
  • If it excludes Africans and Africa it is a Fraud.
  • If Africans and Africa are not in its core than it is not to be Trusted.
  • If it does not Speak well of Africans or Africa it brings Madness.

As Africans we are owed much, but we owe neither god, nor demon, nor man, nor beast. The only debt is to our ancestors.